ozymandias solves a big 4x gameplay problem 1
Ozymandias Solves A Big 4X Problem

Become the king of kings in less than half an hour.

Rayman, Rayman Origins, Rayman Legends gameplay 1
Can We Please Give Rayman His Own Game Again?

It's been ten years! Give him something at least!

Starfield rocky planet 1
Starfield Probably Won't Have A Demo, And That's OK

It's all right, guys. We've been here before.

the state of the jrpg genre 1
The Fuss Over The Term 'JRPG' Says A Lot About The State Of The Genre

JRPG or RPG didn't matter when creativity was at the forefront of the industry.

naruto connects might be a good game 1
Naruto Connections Looks Like It's (Almost) Worth Playing

The mishmash of Ninja Storm games is making a lot of changes, but are they enough?

Baldur's Gate 3 1
Baldur's Gate 3's Simultaneous Turns Are The Right Kind Of Chaos

A faster pace than Larian's previous games gives it some of that RTwP chaos.

love too easily steam interactive drama 1
I'm Excited To Play The First Interactive Korean Drama Game

The kiss was really that good, it seems.

final fantasy 16 characters not enough 1
Final Fantasy 16 is Proof There’s No Satisfying the Entire Fanbase

We'll never agree on what the best Final Fantasy game is, but we should be more respectful about it.

Still of Clive from Final Fantasy 16 reaching out his hand 1
Final Fantasy 16's Difficulty Is An Antidote For Anxious Gamers Like Me

The frustration of failure is a thrill to some, but a nightmare for others, and Final Fantasy 16 understands that.

baldur's gate 3 romance is silly 1
Being Able To Bang Every Companion In Baldur's Gate 3 Is A Bit Silly

A world without sexual preference is great for neither inclusion nor narrative.

Star Ocean: The Second Story R gameplay 1
Star Ocean’s Revival Proves That Fans Do Matter

It's important that we speak out so we don't lose some of our favorite games.

FNAF Security Breach Ruin windows covered with newspaper 1
Final Fantasy X Al Bhed characters and gameplay 1
Final Fantasy X's Al Bhed Language Was The Best Use Of Language In Games

It's not comprehensible, but that's exactly the point.

blasphemous best bosses 1
Wow, Blasphemous Really Had Some Of The Best Bosses In Gaming

Let’s bow in genuflection, humility, and penance to these designs.

Star Wars Outlaws Kay Vess With Nix Vs Din Djarin The Mandalorian With Grogu Baby Yoda 1
Star Wars Outlaws Makes The Potential Mandalorian Game Unnecessary

Din Djarin's adventures are cool, but it's time for some new faces in that galaxy far, far away.

Final Fantasy 16 promotional art 1
Yoshi-P Seems Surprised That People Want Final Fantasy 16 DLC. I'm Not.

Being satisfied that you've already told the whole story? Blasphemy.

Shin Megami Tensei 4 Art 1
Persona Could Learn A Lot About Player Choice From Shin Megami Tensei

Persona's parent series has a lot of wisdom to pass down about making player choices matter.

ac-mirage-leap-of-faith 1
Is Ubisoft Finally Killing Off Its Love-Hated Open-World Formula?

Don’t you be going soft on us now, Ubisoft.

This Remnant 2 boss The Labyrinth Sentinel gameplay 1
This Remnant 2 Boss Broke My Brain

Cubes, so many cubes.

AAA games need to change 1
AAA Games Should Drop At Least One Of The 'A's

What do the As even stand for? Nobody ever told me!