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Robert is Lead Features Editor at DualShockers, arriving at the DS court after six years of freelancing for sites like PC Gamer, VG247, Kotaku, Rock Paper Shotgun, and more. Enjoys immersive sims and emergent stories, and has crowbarred more mods into games than Gordon Freeman has crowbarred headcrabs.

Baldur's Gate 3 1
Baldur's Gate 3's Simultaneous Turns Are The Right Kind Of Chaos

A faster pace than Larian's previous games gives it some of that RTwP chaos.

baldur's gate 3 romance is silly 1
Being Able To Bang Every Companion In Baldur's Gate 3 Is A Bit Silly

A world without sexual preference is great for neither inclusion nor narrative.

blasphemous best bosses 1
Wow, Blasphemous Really Had Some Of The Best Bosses In Gaming

Let’s bow in genuflection, humility, and penance to these designs.

blasphemous 1
Blasphemous Story And Endings Explained

What is the Miracle? Why is a giant baby trying to kill you? What does it all mean?

ac-mirage-leap-of-faith 1
Is Ubisoft Finally Killing Off Its Love-Hated Open-World Formula?

Don’t you be going soft on us now, Ubisoft.

ssx snowboarding games 1
'We Made SSX 20 Years Too Early:' Creating A Successor To A PS2 Classic

SSX creator, and founder of SuperNatural Studios, talks about his in-the-works snowboarding game.

ea sports big ssx tricky def jam vendetta freekstyle 1
The Story Of EA Sports BIG, When Sports Games Let Go Of Reality

We talk to EA Sports BIG founder Steve Recthschaffner about the craziest period in EA Sports' history.

Baldur’s Gate 3 and Starfield gameplay 1
Sorry Starfield, But I Only Have Room For One Epic RPG In 2023

With Baldur’s Gate 3 and Starfield coming out a mere month apart, some hard decisions have to be made.

fallout new vegas elvis 1
All Hail To The King, The Unsung Hero Of Fallout: New Vegas

The Elvis Impersonator would've been my pick to run New Vegas.

Rayman Origins, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Far Cry Primal 1
No, Ubisoft Won't Delete Your Game Library Due To 'Inactivity'

The publisher confirmed to DualShockers that accounts with purchased games won't get deleted.

remnant 2 world is total nonsense in the best way 1
Remnant 2's World Is Total Nonsense, And I'm Into It

Playing a post-apocalyptic cowboy who travels across dimensions for 'reasons'? Sure, I'm in.

Malenia (Left) Fighting Against Radahn (Right) 1
Why Starscourge Radahn Is Among The Best Boss Battles In Gaming

A epic battle that breaks the rules of Souls fights, and reaches for the stars.

Alan Wake 2's Saga Anderson Pointing The Light At A Possessed Enemy 1
Flashlight Weapons Suck In Games. Can Alan Wake 2 Fix That?

Let's find better ways of 'using light to defeat the darkness' than a torch and a couple of batteries.

Remnant 2 gameplay 1
My First Level In Remnant 2 Was Basically Bloodborne, For Better And Worse

Remnant 2 feels great to play, but its reverence for FromSoft has its pitfalls.

science proves nostalgia is bad for you 1
Science Shows That Too Much Nostalgia Is Bad For You, So Don't Stew In It

You can love a thing from the past, but still be open to change.

Exoprimal gameplay with dinosaurs and the extinction event 1
Exoprimal Feels Like A Game Born Into Extinction

From level-gating to limited crossplay, Capcom's dino shooter hasn't set itself up for success.

The Outlast Trials Social Hub gameplay 1
Love Armwrestling In The Outlast Trials? More Mini-Games Are Coming Soon

Another excuse to spend a silly amount of time in the player lobby.

outlast trials developers have crazy plans for the future 1
The Outlast Trials Devs Have Some Crazy Ideas For The Future Of The Game

The game's developers talk to us about the game's early success, and its immense possibilities for the future.

gex re-release needs to fix the 90s dialogue 1
Gex Was Great, But The Re-Release Needs To Fix The Dodgy Dialogue

The Gex trilogy could thrive from a re-release, but some of that dialogue is so stuck in the 90s that it’ll need a rethink.

baldurs-gate-3-featured 1
I Hope Baldur's Gate 3 Lets Us Customize Our Character Portraits

Recent footage suggests Baldur’s Gate 3 is reinstating ‘painterly’ portraits for party companions, but how will this apply to custom heroes?

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