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Features Writers on DualShockers

About Jervon Perkins

Jervon is an educator by day and an avid gamer and writer by night. Most of his works combine personal narrative with pop cultural analysis. Oh, and he won't shut up about his love of RPGs once he gets started.  

final fantasy 16 characters not enough 1
Final Fantasy 16 is Proof There’s No Satisfying the Entire Fanbase

We'll never agree on what the best Final Fantasy game is, but we should be more respectful about it.

Star Ocean: The Second Story R gameplay 1
Star Ocean’s Revival Proves That Fans Do Matter

It's important that we speak out so we don't lose some of our favorite games.

Barbie movie America Ferrera and Margot Robbie 1
Barbie’s Ending Alone is Worth the Price of Admission

A moment that will leave you wanting to hug your loved ones and dolls.

Xenosaga gameplay Xenoblade series 1
Now That Xenosaga Is Canon, Bandai Namco Needs To Remaster It

Come on Bandai Namco, it's about time.

Final Fantasy 16 Dion and Terence gameplay 1
Putting Dion in Final Fantasy 16 Is A Step Forward For LGBTQIA+ Inclusion

Dion brought queerness to the Final Fantasy franchise in a big way.

Final Fantasy 10 Laugh Scene gameplay 1
Yes, Final Fantasy X's Infamous 'Laugh Scene' Was Cringe, But That Was The Point

Love is inherently awkward, and this scene perfect captures that.

Final Fantasy 14 gameplay and characters 1
Final Fantasy 14 Re-Review (2023): Ageing Gracefully

In 2023, FF14 still stands as one of the best MMORPG experiences especially on consoles.

Dragon's Dogma 2 gameplay 1
Why Did Capcom Leave Co-Op Multiplayer Out Of Dragon's Dogma 2?

I'm excited for the upcoming Dragon's Dogma 2, but no coop is a missed opportunity.

final fantasy 16 active time lore in future games 1
Final Fantasy 16's Active Time Lore Should Be In All Future FF Games

ATL needs to be in every Final Fantasy game.

Senua from Hellblade 2: Senua's Saga hears voices 1
I Hope Hellblade 2 Is As Impactful For Me As The Original

Senua's Sacrifice was a cathartic mental journey. Can the sequel do the same?

Yuna prepares for a concert in Final Fantasy X-2 1
20 Years On, Final Fantasy X-2's Yuna is Still My Personal Queer Icon

Her story of self-discovery helped me learn to be comfortable with my identity.

ff7 timeline tifa and aerith 1
FF7 Rebirth's Possible Dual Timelines Has Me Worried About Aerith and Tifa

What fate will Aerith and Tifa have in Rebirth's new storyline?

ff7 rebirth open world 1
No, I Don’t Want an Open World FF7:Rebirth

Zones just work better in Final Fantasy.

Xenoblade Chronicles X on Wii U gameplay 1
With Chronicles Done, It's Time to Make Xenoblade X: Definitive Edition

X is due for some major respect and rekindled interest.

Final Fantasy Type-0 gameplay 1
Type-0 Is The Darkest Final Fantasy Ever Made

FF Type-0 isn't afraid to get bloody.

Final Fantasy 13 promo art group picture 1
The Final Fantasy 13 Trilogy Deserves a Remaster

Come on Square Enix! It's about time!

FINAL FANTASY X:X-2 HD Remaster: Yuna and Tidus embracing 1
Final Fantasy X And X-2 Really Don't Need A Sequel

Leave Yuna's story alone, Square Enix.

Klaus, Matthew, and the party of Xenoblade 3 Future Redeemed 1
Future Redeemed Brings the Xeno Saga to a Glorious Close

Xeno fans rejoice! The six-part saga has finally been told!

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed Rex gameplay 1
FF7 Remake cast looks upon their next journey 1
I Hope Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Builds On FF12's Gambit System

The "Gambit" system will bring out the best of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's combat.

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