One Piece never seems to run out of hype, be it the manga or its anime adaptation. However, the hype for episode 1071 was on a completely different level, all thanks to Luffy's revival as Joy Boy and the introduction of Gear Five to the series for the very first time.

With episode 1071 released just recently, the load on servers of Crunchyroll and other popular anime platforms was so high that servers went down instantly. Other than Crunchyroll, other notable websites that went down with episode's release were 9anime, Zoro, and Animepahe. Well the fact that the series reached 100k Tweets within a few minutes and instantly became trending on Twitter easily shows why servers went down.

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In the previous episode, when Luffy saw his defeat at the hands of Kaido, the hopes were completely shattered as he lost his heatbeats and his crew considered him dead. But that's when the Drums of Liberation were heard and Luffy turned into something that left everyone with their jaws wide open: Joy Boy finally returned. However, the episode ended on a major cliffhanger and fans waited to see the legendary historical guy in the new episode.

Until now, Dragon Ball Super and Attack on Titan were the only two series to have shattered the limits of Crunchyroll. This is just the start of the battle between Kaido and Luffy Fifth Gear. We can't expect the upcoming episodes to break the Internet again, but the hype is not going down anytime soon.

As for the animation, One Piece just seems to grow endlessly. The fun ride in episode 1071 was brought to life by Megumi Ishitani, who has previously been the director of some of the greatest episodes of the series, apart from her other notable works in Dragon Ball Super, Kaze no Yukui, Arana, and several other series. With such brilliant writing prowess of Eiichiro Oda, direction from Megumi Ishitaki, and the collected hard work of other cast and staff members, One Piece reaching huge heights should not come as a surprise to anyone.

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