Dorohedoro is an enthralling dark fantasy manga and anime series created by Q Hayashida. The series is set in a post-apocalyptic universe divided into two dimensions, the Hole and the Sorcerer's world. The story's gritty charm is largely driven by its eclectic characters, each possessing unique traits and abilities.

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At the heart of it is Caiman, a lizard-headed amnesiac, and his loyal friend Nikaido, who owns the Hungry Bug restaurant. Joining them are characters from the powerful En Family. Each character adds depth and intrigue to this chaotic world, making Dorohedoro a rich narrative filled with magic, mystery, and mayhem.

8 Fujita

Fujita from Dorohedoro

Fujita is a loyal, though somewhat bumbling, member of the En Family in Dorohedoro. Initially low-ranked and overlooked in the powerful magic-using family, he yearns for recognition and strength. His lack of natural magical talent doesn't deter him from aiming high, and his persistence is admirable.

Known for his signature glasses and endearing personality, Fujita also showcases an unwavering loyalty to En, his boss. He forms a close bond with Ebisu, another member of the En Family. Fujita's journey is full of comic relief and heartfelt moments, making him a relatable character.

7 Ebisu

Ebisu from Dorohedoro

Ebisu is a unique character introduced as a mysterious figure. She often serves as comic relief due to her quirky behavior and clumsy antics. Ebisu is a Magic User and a member of the En Family, but her magic is not fully realized due to memory loss.

Over time, Ebisu regains her powers and evolves into a formidable sorceress with lizard transformation abilities. Her journey is filled with unexpected growth and resilience. Her close bond with Fujita adds an endearing dynamic to the story, making Ebisu a beloved character among fans.

6 Shin

Shin from Dorohedoro

Shin is a Magic User and a key member of the En Family. Known for his signature heart mask, he stands out due to his unique magic, allowing him to dismember victims without spilling blood.

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Despite his grim occupation as En's cleaner, Shin displays a sense of morality and loyalty uncommon among Magic Users. His deep bond with Noi, his partner, offers a softer side to his character. Shin's blend of brutality and kindness makes him an intriguing and dark character in the complex, chaotic world of the series.

5 Noi

Noi from Dorohedoro

Noi is a captivating character renowned for her immense physical strength and impressive healing magic. As a Magic User and member of the En Family, she serves as Shin's partner, their bond being one of the story's most heartfelt relationships.

Noi's character contradicts the typical portrayal of Magic Users in the series; despite her powers, she exudes a warmth and loyalty that makes her endearing. Her dedication to Shin and optimism in the face of their dark line of work bring a compelling layer of complexity to her character.

4 Risu

Risu from Dorohedoro

Risu is a significant character introduced as a Magic User and victim whose death sets off the chain of events that propel the main story. It is revealed that he is somehow connected to Caiman. However, Risu's past and abilities remain a mystery.

He is known for his curse magic, which ironically brings misfortune upon himself. The En family finds Risu's head and uses magic to resurrect him in a smoke-powered robotic body. His complex relationship with Caiman and his resilience in overcoming hardships make Risu integral to Dorohedoro's intricate narrative.

3 En

En from Dorohedoro

En, the formidable head of the En Family, is a powerful sorcerer known for his unique mushroom magic. His ability to turn anything into mushrooms lends him an air of unpredictability and danger. Beyond his formidable powers, En is a shrewd leader with a business-minded approach to ruling the Sorcerer's world.

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En is regarded as the strongest Magic User but remains loyal to his family, showcasing a multidimensional character. His unique sense of style, distinctive mask, and love for gyoza further add to his eccentric persona, making him a standout and memorable character.

2 Nikaido

Nikaido from Dorohedoro

Nikaido is a central character known for her martial arts prowess and unwavering loyalty to Caiman. As the owner of the Hungry Bug restaurant in the Hole, she hides a secret that she is a Magic User, something Caiman detests.

Her magic is particularly powerful, allowing her to manipulate time. Despite her abilities, she prefers to fight physically, showcasing her strength and resilience. Nikaido's character is complex and relatable, struggling with her identity and powers. Her close bond with Caiman and commitment to their shared quest has made her a fan favorite.

1 Caiman

Caiman from Dorohedoro

Caiman, the main protagonist, is a man with a lizard's head and no recollection of his past. This amnesiac character's main mission is to regain his human face and lost memories. He is immune to magic, which is handy in his quest as he navigates the dangerous Sorcerer's world.

Despite his scary exterior, Caiman exhibits a charming and straightforward personality, having a soft spot for Nikaido. His resilience, fierce loyalty, and humorous nature, coupled with the mystery surrounding his true identity, make Caiman an intriguing character in this dark fantasy series.

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