If you play Genshin Impact, you're probably very familiar with the world bosses that are scattered across the land of Teyvat. They are essential for gameplay because they provide key materials you need to grow your characters. Generally, they're easy to beat, and farming them would take less than an hour.

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Sometimes Hoyoverse decides to take these world bosses and drop them into the Spiral Abyss for one or two cycles to really put your teams to the test. In that effort, these bosses are given substantially higher health pools, new attack patterns, and higher resistances. Are the extra Primogems worth the struggle of Spiral Abyss? With these bosses, maybe not.

10 Electro Regisvine

Electro Regisvine From Genshin Impact

In Sumeru, the Electro Regisvine was finally made available. You may be thinking that these bosses are easy; all you need to do is use the correct element. You'd be right. However, the Electro Regisvine is a little tougher.

The shield of this Regisvine doesn't break after two or three hits like the others. You'll find the amount of damage you do to the Electro shield is much lower than other Regisvines, and in the Abyss, it's even worse. However, as a stationary target, you don't have to be too worried. Just keep creating reactions to get through it.

9 Jadeplume Terrorshroom

Jadeplume Terrorshroom From Genshin Impact

One of the new monsters introduced in Sumeru was the Jadeplume Terrorshroom, a mushroom that somehow grew into a giant bird. It has different attack patterns depending on whether you inflict Electro or Pyro on it.

The Spiral Abyss gives it a huge health and damage boost, meaning you'll need to beat a bird with over 1.5 million HP and the ability to one-shot you. Luckily, its attacks are easy to dodge, and if you use Electro, you'll even get a small window where it doesn't move and has its resistances lowered.

8 Algorithm Of Semi-Intransient Matrix Of Overseer Network Enemy Guide (ASIMON)

Algorithm of Semi-Intransient Matrix of Overseer Network Enemy Guide From Genshin Impact

The ancient people of Sumeru really knew how to make a security system. ASIMON is a mechanical monster that uses lasers and small gizmos to attack. As far as bosses go, it's incredibly slow and easy to predict, and as long as you can activate the Quicken reaction, it's a surefire win.

What makes it so tough in the Abyss is its ability to run away. ASIMON will go completely invisible and teleport to another side of the arena. It can only be revealed using Quicken or destroying parts of itself with absurdly high health it leaves behind. It can definitely stall your Spiral Abyss run.

7 Aeonblight Drake

Aeonblight Drake From Genshin Impact

Flying monsters can be a pain, requiring specific characters to knock them down and having hitboxes that don't quite work. The Aeonblight Drake is a larger version of the Ruin Drake: Skywatch with a wider attack range and deadlier weaponry.

The buffs this drake receives from the Spiral Abyss include higher damage, higher health, and a faster recovery time. That means your aim has to be very good to pull off each available stun in the fight because otherwise, you're dealing with a flying monster that also resists your highest damaging element.

6 Perpetual Mechanical Array

Perpetual Mechanical Array From Genshin Impact

If you like moving parts, you must love fighting the Perpetual Mechanical Array since it never stays in one place. It's hard to do damage when the thing you're fighting is suddenly up in space or when it spawns other smaller machines you have to play Where's Waldo with in order to make it vulnerable again.

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With the Abyss's increased health, it takes a very long time to destroy not only the boss but also the mobs it creates. Your team has to do a ton of damage in multiple small windows in order to get a decent time, and if your rotation is off by a little, you may not get all the stars you want.

5 Triple Kenki

Maguu Kenki From Genshin Impact

You're probably familiar with Maguu Kenki. For the most part, you probably don't have too much trouble with him since his patterns are simple, and dodging his attacks is pretty easy. It just takes time to learn. Fighting three Maguu Kenki is a whole different story.

The Abyss will sometimes feature Maguu Kenki and its two clones, and you have to deal with them all. Dealing with a single Kenki is easy, two is manageable, but three is a nightmare, especially when there's a huge Cryo AOE that constantly damages you. You have to know all the tricks in the book to survive this battle.

4 Vishap Herd

Vishap Herd From Genshin Impact

Do you remember the world boss from Enkanomiya? If you don't, it's a pair of gigantic Bathysmal Vishaps that constantly move, hit you with Cryo and Electro, and won't die unless you get both at the same time. Plus, they drain energy every time they hit you.

Their combo attacks are much harder to deal with in the Spiral Abyss because of the limited space. Their AOE attacks leave little room for you to maneuver, and sometimes you just have to tank the hits. To defeat this boss, you'll want a healer on board just in case.

3 Ruin Serpent

Ruin Serpant From Genshin Impact

When it comes to beating bosses in the Spiral Abyss, the worst are the bosses that become completely unreachable for long periods of time. One of the biggest offenders is the Ruin Serpent. After each attack, it will go underground, and then you just stand there and wait for it to come back.

The windows of time for you to do damage are minuscule, and you have to disrupt its special attack if you want more than a few seconds to hit it. Thank goodness it has a fairly standard attack pattern. Now all you need is a little luck.

2 Golden Wolflord

Golden Wolflord From Genshin Impact

Very few bosses have gimmicks as specific as the Wolflord, practically demanding you have a Geo party member or suffer for an extra thirty seconds. After doing enough damage, the Wolflord with fly far away from you and send out totems you need to destroy. Once this is done, it'll fall out of the sky, so you can hit it.

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That time is severely reduced in Spiral Abyss, and with corrosion eating at the team's health, every second counts. This boss is the most restrictive, needing a healer and a Geo unit.

1 Setekh Wenut

Setekh Wenut From Genshin Impact

Worms can fly in Genshin Impact. Specifically, a giant one can, and it's the worst bosses to see in the Spiral Abyss. Under normal circumstances you only need to wait it out, doing some damage here and there, and when the time comes, pop the air bubbles and finish the fight. The Abyss doesn't make it so easy.

The Wenut's resistances shoot up to 55% for all elements, excluding Anemo. That resistance is at 90%. Basically, you're only doing half your normal damage, which is very noticeable in the last minute of your Abyss run. Hopefully, you know all the tricks because you'll run out of time otherwise, which is quite possibly the worst way to lose your run of the Spiral Abyss.

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