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Kyle has a degree in Film, Television, and Cultural Studies and is a die-hard Call of Duty player. He's also a PC enthusiast and is always looking for a reason to upgrade his rig.

apex legends season 18 start time 1
Apex Legends Season 18 Update: Release Date & Start Time

There's no new legend coming with season 18, but an existing legend will receive a big rework.

fortnite jujutsu kaisen skins 1
Fortnite x Jujutsu Kaisen: Release Date & Time For New Skins

Another huge anime crossover is coming to Fortnite this week.

warzone bike 1
Warzone Player Pulls Off Incredible X Games-Style Stunt With New Season 5 Bike

The impressive stunt even got some love from Call of Duty's official Twitter account.

warzone season 5 patch notes 1
Call Of Duty: Warzone Update 1.22 Patch Notes For Season 5 (August 2)

New content, weapon adjustments, bug fixes, and more in today's new content update.

Call Of Duty Warzone Season 5 Update with Snoop Dogg and Nicki Minaj characters 1
Call Of Duty Warzone Season 5 Update: Release Date & Start Time

Here's when you can jump into Season 5 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone.

Hearthstone: Titans Expansion characters and cards 1
Hearthstone: Titans Expansion Release Date, Time, And Price

Here's everything you need to know to get you ready for the release of Hearthstone: Titans.

ABANDONED game story 1
The Crazy Story Of Abandoned, The Game That Never Was

It's becoming pretty clear that Abandoned has been...well, abandoned.

xbox series s and x 1
Xbox Users Are Calling The New Home Screen UI "One Big Ad"

The new "most played" tab has really rattled some users...

fortnite chapter 4 season 3 update 1
Fortnite Update 3.96 Patch Notes For v25.20 Today (July 26)

Fortnite x Futurama goes live with today's v25.20 update.

dead by daylight nicolas cage 1
playstation project q 1
Leaked Footage Of PlayStation's Handheld Remote Play Device Reveals Android OS

It looks like PlayStation's Project Q will actually run Android, which fans have already dubbed as an "interesting" decision.

Diablo 4 Season 1 Update gameplay 1
Diablo 4 Season 1 Update: Release Date, Start Time, And Battle Pass Rewards

Diablo 4's very first season will include a new quest line, new power, and much more.

the sims 4 horse ranch 1
The Sims 4: Horse Ranch Expansion Pack Release Date, Time, And Price

Get ready to saddle up with The Sims 4's newest expansion pack.

wwe 2k23 dlc 4 1
WWE 2K23 Revel With Wyatt DLC Pack: Release Date, Time, And All New Wrestlers

WWE 2K23's penultimate DLC pack arrives later this week with five new wrestlers.

modern warfare 2 cover 1
Classic Call Of Duty Games See Huge Player Count Increase After Multiplayer Matchmaking Fixed

It looks like you'll need an Xbox to get in on the action though.

warzone talking gun 1
warzone season 4 reloaded update 1
Call Of Duty: Warzone Update 1.21 Patch Notes For Season 4 Reloaded (July 12)

The Season 4 Reloaded update brings new content to both Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone.

Rainbow Six Siege gameplay and operators 1
Rainbow Six Siege Update 2.54 Patch Notes For Y8S2.3 Today (July 11)

Four operators will receive new balance adjustments in today's Rainbow Six Siege update.

warzone black noir skin 1
Warzone Players Think The New Black Noir Skin Will Be "Pay-To-Win"

Could the new Black Noir skin be a pay-to-win operator?

Call Of Duty Warzone Season 4 Reloaded Update gameplay 1
Call Of Duty Warzone Season 4 Reloaded Update: Release Date & Start Time

New bundles, weapons, features, and more are coming to both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone in Season 4 Reloaded.

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