Apex Legends

PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, iOS, Android, Switch
February 4, 2019
Electronic Arts
Online Multiplayer
Source on console/PC, Unreal Engine 4 on mobile
T for Teen: Blood, Violence
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apex legends season 18 start time 1
Apex Legends Season 18 Update: Release Date & Start Time

There's no new legend coming with season 18, but an existing legend will receive a big rework.

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Games Haven't Gotten Worse, You've Just Fried Your Brain

Stop playing Apex Legends for 12 hours a day, and learn to appreciate the finer things in gaming.

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Apex Legends Update 2.28 Patch Notes For Today (June 29)

Following last week's collection event update, a new bug-fix patch is now live on both consoles and PC.

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Apex Legends Update 2.26 Patch Notes For New Collection Event Today (June 20)

The 'Dressed to Kill' event marks the return of the Armed & Dangerous LTM.

apex legends ballistic 1
Apex Legends Update 2.25 Patch Notes For Today (June 1)

Yet another bug-fix update is now live.

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10 Games You Should Play If You Love Fortnite

Fortnite has millions of fans around the world. Here are some games to play if you're looking for something similar!

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Apex Legends Now Lets You Rat Your Way Up The Ranks, And It Sucks

Something's gone horribly wrong with Apex Legends in Season 17.

Apex Legends Ashe 1
Apex Legends Update 2.24 Patch Notes For Today (May 22)

A new bug fix patch is now live across all supported platforms, here's what's fixed.

apex legends sun squad update 1
Apex Legends Is Increasing Coin Prices In Some Countries

The price increase is due to changing economic conditions.

Ballistic Apex Exploit 1
Apex Legends' Ballistic Brings Back OP Exploit

Enjoy it while it lasts...

Apex Legends 1
apex legends ballistic 1
Apex Legends Season 17: Release Date & Start Time For New Update

Season 17 of Apex Legends will introduce a brand new Legend, new ranked changes, and more.

Apex Legends 1
Apex Legends Veiled Collection Event Release Date And Time

Get ready for a twist in Team Deathmatch.

Apex Legends Update 2.20 Sun Squad Collection Event 1
More Games Should Be Crowdsourcing Skin Ideas

And I'm not just saying that because we got a Loba swimsuit skin out of it.

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April Fool's 2023 In Gaming: Minecraft, Among Us, Apex Legends, And More Kick Off New Events

April Fool's Day is here, and video game developers have tons of surprises for fans this year as well.

Apex Legends Update 2.20 Sun Squad Collection Event 1
Apex Legends Update 2.20 Patch Notes For Sun Squad Collection Event

The Sun Squad Collection Event goes live at 10AM PT!

apex legends loba 1
Apex Legends 1
Apex Legends To Receive Support For Up To 15 Years

Respawn opens up a new studio that will focus on Apex Legends.

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10 Best Battle Royale Games, Ranked

Get ready to jump into the fray and be the last player standing. Here are some of the best battle royale games you can play right now.

Apex Legends Season 17 Leak Art 1
Apex Legends' Firing Of QA Testers Means We Become The QA Testers

The actions of the AAA industry are leaving quality unassured.