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March 24, 2015
From Software
Action, RPG
M for Mature: Blood and Gore, Violence
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Bloodborne 60 FPS 1
PlayStation 5 Hackers Finally Make Bloodborne At 60 FPS A Reality

Bloodborne, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Gravity Rush 2 all run smoothly at 60FPS on the PS5.

Bloodborne Ludwig The Accursed/Holy Blade boss on left, Orphan of Kos boss in middle, Laurence, The First Vicar boss on right 1
Bloodborne: 15 Hardest Bosses, Ranked By Difficulty

From roadblock Father Gascoigne to the infamous Orphan of Kos, we've ranked the toughest bosses in Bloodborne.

Collage of the best optional video game bosses (Sephiroth, Gherman, Demon of Hatred) 1
10 Best Optional Video Game Bosses, Ranked

Not all optional bosses are made equal.

Bloodborne split image Hunter wielding Cannon, Hunter Blunderbuss, and Repeating Pistol 1
Bloodborne: 10 Best Firearms, Ranked

From the Gatling Gun to the Evelyn and Repeating Pistol, these are some of the very best Firearms available in Bloodborne.

Bloodborne Cover Image 1
It's 2023, And The Bloodborne Remastered Rumors Are Still Going Strong

Maybe, just maybe, this time it's true?

Bloodborne Character About to Ambush Beast 1
How Bloodborne’s Combat Expresses the Curse of Yharnam

No one does this stuff quite like FromSoft.

Shadows-of-Yharnam-Elden-RIng 1
New Bloodborne Cut Content Video Reveals Shadows Of Yharnam Were Heavily Downplayed

The Shadows of Yharnam were much more menacing during the alpha stages of the game.

Soulsborne games Elden Ring, Dark Souls 3, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice 1
Every FromSoftware Soulsborne Game, Ranked

Whether you love Dark Souls or Elden Ring, FromSoftware pioneered the Soulsborne genre, and their games are still the best out there.

Collage of the Best Games With Multiple Endings (Bloodborne, Heavy Rain, Silent Hill 2) 1
10 Best Games With Multiple Endings, Ranked

Featuring multiple endings has become a trend for modern games, but these are some of the best games to flaunt more than one ending.

Ornstein and Smough, Nameless King, and Sans 1
10 Hardest Boss Fights In Gaming, Ranked

Bosses serve as tests of player skill, but some stand as much harder tests than others. Here are the hardest video game boss fights of all time.

A Collage Of Images From Action-RPG Games 1
10 Best Action-RPGs, Ranked

From Genshin Impact to Bloodborne, here are the very best entries into the Action-RPG genre that you need to check out.

Split Image Stalker Lightening Anomaly Bloodborne Hunter 1
10 Game Worlds You Wouldn't Want To Be Trapped In

We've seen several horrifying game worlds across many video game titles, but these are surely some of the most dangerous ones.

Slot Machine, Spamton NEO, and Akuma  1
10 Best Secret Bosses In Games, Ranked

Sometimes developers go beyond just a simple easter egg or collectible and hide away entire boss fights within their game.

Collage of iconic Bloodborne NPCs (The Doll, Eileen the Crow, Valtr) 1
Bloodborne: 10 Most Iconic NPCs, Ranked

Bloodborne features many enigmatic and memorable characters. This list will cover the most iconic ones you'll encounter in Yharnam and beyond.

Best Video Game Inspired Board Games 1
10 Best Board Games Based On Video Games

From XCOM to Bloodborne, here are your best-beloved video game franchises adapted into board games.

Elden Ring And Bloodborne As 80s Movies 1
Elden Ring And Bloodborne As 80s Movies Is Just What I Need In Life

YouTubers are using AI to turn FromSoft games into old-school movie stills, and I can't get enough of them.

Collage of free-to-play horror games ((Doki Doki Literature Club, Yume Nikki, Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion, Bloodborne PSX) 1
10 Best Free-To-Play Horror Games, Ranked

If you're obsessed with the horror genre, you can't miss these incredible free-to-play horror games.

Sunless Sea, Forgive Me Father, And Call Of Cthulhu 1
10 Best Video Games Inspired By Lovecraftian Horror, Ranked

Lovecraft inspired so many modern horror titles, but they aren't always done well. These Lovecraftian horror games will send a shiver down your spine.

Bloodborne Cover Image 1
10 Best Weapons In Bloodborne, Ranked

Nothing makes hunting beasts more fun than using the right weapon to cut them down quickly. These are the best weapons in Bloodborne.

Horror games The Evil Within 2, Chernobylite, Darkest Dungeon 2 1