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Marvel's Spider-Man: 10 Best Suits, Ranked

Marvel's Spider-Man has an incredible collection of iconic and obscure suits for the titular Web-head. This list breaks down the best in the game.

10 Games To Play If You Love Marvel’s Spider-Man 1
10 Games To Play If You Love Marvel’s Spider-Man

If you love Marvel's Spider-Man, then you should put these games on your gaming wishlist.

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10 Best Games That Take Place In New York City, Ranked

New York City is home to plenty of iconic video game franchises. These are the best.

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10 Best Quick-Time Event Games, Ranked

For better or worse, quick-time events are a mainstay in the gaming industry. Here are the games that do it best.

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10 Best Opening Cutscenes In Video Game History

Many opening sequences are thrilling introductions, but others are just plain devastating.

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I Have A Feeling Peter Parker Could Be A Villain In Spider-Man 2

After months of waiting we finally have our first glimpse of Spider-Man 2, but did it hint at a heel turn for everyone's favourite web-slinger?

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Marvel's Midnight Suns Flop 1
10 Best Video Games Based On Comics 1
10 Best Video Games Based On Comics

The video game industry has given us several amazing titles based on comics, but these are surely some of the best ones.

Collage of the Best Open-World Games That Aren't RPGs (Red Dead Redemption 2, Metal Gear Solid V, Shadow of the Colossus) 1
The 10 Best Open-World Games That Aren’t RPGs

RPGs tend to dominate the open-world genre. This list breaks down the best open-world games that are anything but RPGs.

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10 Most Graphically Impressive Titles For The PS5

Looking for games that take full advantage of the PS5's graphical capabilities? Look no further!

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Marvel's Spider-Man's Ending Makes It The Best Peter Parker Story

Insomniac did the unthinkable and it worked.

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10 Games To Play If You Love Marvel's Midnight Suns

If you fell in love with Marvel's Midnight Suns, check out these other games that might scratch that same or similar itch.

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How Long Does It Take To Beat Marvel's Spider-Man

Marvel's Spider-Man offers up a wonderful open-world New York City to swing around in. Here's how much time you can expect to spend playing this game.

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Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Will Recast Harry Osborn's Voice Actor

Scott Porter won't be returning for the sequel.

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Marvel's Spider-Man PC Release Time, Date, and Price

Pre-order now via Steam and The Epic Games Store!

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10 Best Marvel Superhero Games Ranked

There are many more Marvel games than fans may realize. This list will let players know which ones are worth playing.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Development Update Teased, Possibly In Early Stages

Fans are eagerly waiting for Marvel Spider-Man 2 to release, but it seems like there is still a long time before we will be seeing more of it.

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Insomniac Games
Who Is Tony Todd, Voice of Venom In Spider-Man 2?

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 received its first trailer today and in it was the reveal of Venom, which will be voiced by veteran Tony Todd.