• Marvel's Spider-Man for the PlayStation offers a fantastic gaming experience with immersive gameplay, a gripping story, and stunning web-swinging animations.
  • The game's customization options, including a variety of outfits to choose from, add to the replayability and allow players to create their own unique Spider-Man.
  • While there are many iconic suits to choose from, including the Dark Suit and Amazing Suit, the Classic Suit and Raimi Suit stand out as favorites among fans for their nostalgic and timeless appeal.

Marvel's Spider-Man for the PlayStation, is one of the best adaptations of the wall-crawler gamers have had the chance to experience. Not only do the gameplay, fighting, story, and amazing web-swinging animations make this game an iconic PlayStation exclusive, but also the outfits and customization available for players are achieved brilliantly.

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The variety and range available make the game an incredible opportunity for replayability. Nothing beats the feeling of delivering justice to New York's criminals while rocking a variety of amazing classic and original Spidey suits.

10 Dark Suit

Dark suit Spiderman close to Black Cat

This is the closest you can get to play as the black-suit Spider-Man in this game. This reward comes after collecting all of Black Cat's statues scattered throughout the city, a rather lengthy and time-consuming task for most players.

This suit is better utilized at nighttime when players get the chance to feel almost invisible and as sneaky as the web-slinger can get. On the other hand, the cat-like claws the suit possesses are a bit off-putting for most players, and as close as it feels to wearing his iconic black suit, this one is not it.

9 Amazing Suit

SpiderMan PS5 amazing suit

First worn by Andrew Garfield in the reboot of the Spider-Man movies franchise, it became loved by fans over time. It is a rather drastic change from Tobey Maguire's suit, this one having more of a self-made costume vibe.

Even if the movies themselves weren't received as well as the previous iteration, every fan of the Web-head can appreciate the playful and charismatic portrayal of the actor. Wearing this suit can bring back the memories of seeing Garfield's Spider-Man on the big screen, but the outfit itself can be overshadowed by more iconic iterations of the suit.

8 Spider-Man 2099

PS5 SpiderMan wearing the 2099 suit

The only suit on this list originally worn by someone else other than Peter Parker, this suit pays homage to the Spider-Man of the future, Miguel O'Hara. Rocking his Batman-like wrists, his suit feels like a complete departure from the 'standard' Spider-Man design, despite sharing a red and blue color scheme.

RELATED: Best Romance Relationships In PlayStation Games, RankedAlthough this appearance may seem a little weird for most players, the ability that comes with this suit is one of the better ones. It allows the player to have less gravity and weight while in the air, which makes Spidey almost fly through the city.

7 Far From Home Suit

PS5 Spiderman wearing the far from home outfit

The third Spider-Man to come to the big screen was Tom Holland, and he had one of the most successful runs and character developments in the whole MCU. This suit is a call-back to the second movie in his franchise, and for some, the best one in the trilogy.

Having the colors from the original suit altered was an appreciated change since black and red was a never-before-seen implementation for the suit in the movies. It strikes as a more aggressive look for a more experienced Peter Parker, but for most, there are still more symbolic and iconic suits.

6 Underwear

Spiderman PS5 fighting Fisk in underwear

While many games reward players with an ability or game-changing weapon after achieving 100% completion, Insomniac knows how to please gamers in a fashionable and memorable way, giving players a chance to play as Spider-Man with rocking his Spider-Man underwear.

Similarly as in Insomniac's past game, Sunset Overdrive, the player first wears this outfit after being poisoned and hallucinating many dangers, including some reason why you can't touch the ground. But in contrast, you must completely finish the game to play in this outfit, which can be a hassle and a reason most players don't get to do so.

5 Advanced Suit

Spiderman PS5 wearing advanced suit

Insomniac had the task to create an original version of the suit for one of the most important and beloved characters in comic book history, and it is a relief for fans that they absolutely delivered.

Rocking the white stripes and iconic red and blue colors for Spidey, this suit is a spectacular costume, one that became iconic for fans of the game and of Spider-Man in general. This is a perfect suit for a first playthrough since it is the one the developers created especially for the game. But, in future playthroughs, there are better options in store.

4 Classic Suit

Spiderman PS5 wearing Classic suit

The first costume players will have available in the game is this one, and there is no better way to start — bringing it back to classics in such an emblematic style and true Spidey fashion.

RELATED: Most Replayable PlayStation 5 Games, RankedWhether it is its repaired or damaged version, the classic red and blue colors, the white eyes, and the stripes all over the costume can be spotted as the true Spider-Man suit for anyone who knows the character. On the other hand, it lacks the wackiness and experimental elements the developers put on other versions of the suit.

3 Cyborg Suit

Spiderman PS5 wearing the Cyborg suit shooting web

One of the most iconic and random suits in the game. Unlocked after completing the last chapter of the paid DLC, Silver Linings, players are rewarded with this unusual and wacky outfit.

In best-game-outfits nature, this one has a radical change in the appearance of the Web-head, changing not only his robotic arm but also a utility belt, a bandage over his leg, a robotic lens over his left eye, and a bandana that flutters as you swing through the city with grace and elegance. The only disadvantage this outfit has is that in order to get it, you must have (and complete) the DLC.

2 Into The Spider-Verse Suit

Spiderman PS5 wearing Into the Spiderverse suit swinging

Regarded by amany as the best Spider-Man movie there is, Into The Spider-Verse completely revolutionized animated movies and the capacity for them to tell a fantastic and spectacular story worthy of the world's favorite wall-crawler. From the exaggerated animated eyes and body, with longer legs and wider chest, this outfit makes the player feel as if he was truly living in the Spider-verse.

Not only does this outfit come out as a great breath of fresh air as it changes the character's body completely, but it also serves as a symbol for one of the most iconic movies in comic history. On the other hand, it is locked behind the DLC.

1 Raimi Suit

Spiderman PS5 wearing the Raimi suit

Nothing beats looking as spectacular and classic as it is wearing the iconic suit from Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy. With this symbolic and age-defining suit, fans can finally return to their fantasy of playing as Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man — a thing not dreamed since the movie tie-in Spider-Man 2 game from 2004.

Swinging through buildings, fighting bad guys, and posing in the in-game photo mode have never felt as iconic and meaningful as when wearing this one-of-a-kind suit. True Spidey fanatics know there is no outfit better than this one, bringing back to life the one and only friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

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