• Completing the Spartathalon (#8
  • proves incredibly difficult for Akira and his friends due to the grueling 246km course and constant zombie chase.
  • Finding a safe and sustainable deserted island (#55) amidst the zombie outbreak poses serious challenges for Akira, including fresh water, food sources, and farming possibilities.
  • Pursuing lasting happiness (#8
  • is tricky for Akira and his group, as their idea of happiness evolves and finding it within themselves becomes the biggest challenge.

Zom 100's Akira has always lived life by the rules. But after the zombie apocalypse, he creates an ambitious bucket list of 100 things he wants to experience while he's still human. While most of the items on Akira's list are feasible, there are some that appear quite challenging to accomplish.

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Armed with nothing but optimism, Akira sets out to cross off every last time on his zombie bucket list. The odds seem insurmountable, but Akira is willing to take any risk if it means finally living life to the fullest. Thus, ranked here are the top 10 most difficult tasks he's added so far.

10 Complete A Spartathalon (# 81)

kencho, Shizuka, Beatrix,  from Zom 100 completing a Spartathalon chapter 23

Task No.81 is added by Akira to the bucket list, The Spartathalon is an ultra-long distance foot race held annually in Greece. Participants must complete the grueling 246km course within 36 hours to be considered official finishers. Akira, always seeking adventure, hoped to recreate this ancient athletic event.

He tried to convince his friends Shizuka, Kencho, and Bea to join him in running to the northernmost point of Japan, Wakkanai. The marathon proved incredibly difficult, made worse by zombies chasing them the whole way. Heavy snowfall in northern Japan further exacerbated their journey.

9 Live On A Deserted Island (# 55)

Akira Tendo from Zom 100 on a deserted island catching fish chapter 43 manga

Akira had always dreamed of getting away from it all and living simply on a deserted island. But finding a safe and sustainable island to inhabit amidst the chaos of the global zombie outbreak poses serious challenges.

Akira would need to find an island with fresh water, food sources, and land suitable for farming if he hoped to survive long-term. But journeying to and establishing himself on such an island could take extensive planning, resources, and seafaring skills. We won’t spoil whether Akira completes this task from the bucket list or not.

8 Pursue Happiness (# 84)

Zom 100 Akira Tendou running cheerfully from the zombies

While surviving the zombie apocalypse in Zom 100 is certainly difficult and dangerous, Akira and his friends are set on completing the bucket list. This gives them purpose and goals to work towards even amidst the destruction. The shared camaraderie of the group seems to lift their spirits.

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However, achieving deep, lasting happiness is tricky even under normal circumstances. The group’s idea of happiness can also evolve, making it a moving target. Ultimately, finding lasting happiness in one's own mind may be the biggest challenge as it’s an ambiguous endeavor.

7 Skydiving (# 14)

Akira Tendo Zom 100 flying with golden sunrays coming from behind

Any skydiving drop zones and training centers have likely been overrun by zombies, rendering them unsafe for launch. The skills needed to safely make a skydiving jump with proper landing technique would require an experienced instructor and many practice sessions – resources that are now scarce at best.

Even if Akira could find an aircraft still functioning, the ground below would also be fraught with danger, filled with roving zombie hordes and unsafe for a parachute landing. For now, skydiving remains incomplete on Akira's bucket list.

6 Have Nothing To Do (# 85)

Akira Tendo Zom 100 sitting idle in episode 2

Having nothing to do seems like it should be easy, but as we know Akira and his ragtag group of bucket listers, staying completely idle may as well require a death wish in the zombie apocalypse. The group can barely keep their hands still with so many goals left on their ever-growing list.

Moreover, in a world where everyone has become defined by what they must do to survive just one more day, doing absolutely nothing doesn’t make sense. There is always something that must be done – weapons to build and maintain, trapped to set, rescue missions to organize.

5 Experience Zero Gravity (# 90)

Akira Tendo from Zom 100 Jumping off a building episode 3

Even before the outbreak, experiencing true zero gravity required access to specialized facilities and equipment like a space station or zero-g aircraft. Now, amid the chaos and scarcity of the new reality, the resources needed to achieve zero gravity seem quite unattainable.

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What little exists is almost certainly being hoarded by those with power, inaccessible to Akira's ragtag group. Zero gravity will be another difficult challenge and one more idealized escapist notion to pause over while crossing another item off their seemingly impossible bucket lists.

4 Bring A Smile To As Many People As Possible (# 41)

Akira Tendo, Kenichiro (kencho), and Shizuka zom 100 from chapter 53

Number 41 on Akira's bucket list is to bring a smile to as many people as possible. But in a zombie apocalypse, finding people still alive, let alone in the mood to smile, seems nearly impossible. Most humans are either hiding in isolation, fighting for survival, or have already fallen victim to the walking dead.

Even those Akira does manage to find are likely to be worn down, wary of strangers, and more focused on basic necessities over a chance to smile. Making others smile now seems a luxury few can afford, and one Akira may never achieve on a large scale again.

3 Travel Around The Country (# 6)

Akira, Shizuka, and Beatrix from Zom 100 travelling across Japan with their car in chapter 53 of the manga

Achieving his dream of traveling Japan has come at a great cost, requiring constant vigilance, hardship, and sacrifice just to make it from one place to the next. Every movement brings the risks of zombie encounters, resource shortages, and vehicular breakdowns with no assistance available.

Though Akira and his group press on, with each new location, he is reminded of all that has been lost. The Japan he travels now is but a shadow of the vibrant, living country he had once dreamed of exploring.

2 Become A Doctor (# 42)

Shizuka from Zom 100 treating patients as a doctor in chapter 56

Number 42 on the bucket list, to become a doctor, is added by Shizuka. Since childhood, she had always dreamt of becoming a doctor. However, her controlling father prevented her from pursuing medicine, forcing her instead into a career she did not enjoy.

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Now after the zombie apocalypse, Shizuka has got another chance at it. In chapter 56, Dr. Joichiro Sakaki asks her to stay back and help care for his patients. Shizuka ultimately turns down Dr. Sakaki's request as she doesn’t want to leave Akira. She nearly got her dream job, yet will need to try her luck another day.

1 Restore Nippon To Its Natural Beauty (# 43)

Akira Tendo's full bucket list notebook

Attempting to restore Japan's natural beauty during a zombie apocalypse seems like the hardest goal, one Akira may have to set aside until the undead threat has been contained. His group is trying to develop a vaccine to cure people from the zombie flu.

But rebuilding infrastructure, supply chains, and social systems to support large-scale habitat restoration projects would be an immense challenge. Thus, the goal of restoring Japan's natural beauty will still likely remain distant.

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