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Stefania (she/her) is a Lists Writer at Dualshockers. She is a Nintendo kid and an avid cozy gamer. 

Reverse Isekai Anime, Gabriel Dropout, Devil is Part-timer 1
10 Best Reverse Isekai Anime

Who needs life in another world? Maybe that world should come to you. These are the best reverse Isekai anime that do just that.

Pikmin 4 Most Beautiful Locations. Base and Serene Shores 1
Pikmin 4: 10 Most Beautiful Locations, Ranked

Here are some of the most stunning locations to visit in Pikmin 4.

Best Barbie Games 1
10 Best Barbie Games, Ranked

Looking for more Barbie in your life? Check out these games!

Best Apple Arcade Games collage 1
10 Best Games On Apple Arcade, Ranked

If you're trying to find some great mobile games on iOS, this list can help!

Carrion, Untitled Goose Game, Destroy All Humans 1
10 Best Games Where Players Are The Bad Guy

If you ever want to play out your evil fantasies, these games should scratch your itch.

Pikmin 4 Nectar 1
Pikmin 4: How To Get Nectar Fast

If you want to advance your Pikmin, you'll need to get some nectar. We can help!

Pikmin 4 Glow Pikmin gameplay 1
Pikmin 4: How To Unlock Glow Pikmin

Who needs night-vision goggles when you have Glow Pikmin?

Pikmin 4 Raw Materials gameplay 1
Pikmin 4: How To Farm Raw Materials

Need to farm Raw Materials in Pikmin 4? Check out this guide!

Pikmin 4 Purple Pikmin carrying a gold bar 1
Pikmin 4: How To Farm Purple Pikmin

Looking to farm some Purple Pikmin? Here's everything you need to know.

Pikmin Bloom, Red Pikmin waving to the camera while other Pikmin are carrying various objects 1
10 Best Pikmin Types Across The Series

There have been many different Pikmin throughout the series, but these are the best!

Collage of Factorio, and Dyson Sphere Program. On the left the game's logo and on the right the image of a planet full of factories  1
10 Best Factory Simulation Games, Ranked

If you want to flex your brain power and run your own factory, this list is for you!

Best Game Trailers 1
Strongest JRPG: Sora vs Cloud 1
10 Strongest JRPG Protagonists, Ranked

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the strongest of them all?

10_Hardest_Metroidvania_Bosses 1
10 Hardest Metroidvania Boss Fights, Ranked

The Metroidvania genre is known for its difficult boss fights, and here are ten of the hardest.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, The Elder Scrolls Online, Stardew Valley gameplay 1
10 Hardest Video Game Achievements, Ranked

There are some truly difficult achievements in video games, and these are the hardest.

Games similar to Pikmin, Lemmings, Little King's Story 1
10 Games You Should Play If You Love Pikmin

Looking for games similar to Pikmin? Here are our recommendations.

Best_Atelier_Games 1
10 Best Atelier Games, Ranked

The Atelier series spans many decades, with loads of new stories and characters to dive into. Here are some of the bests of the best.

Nanika hugging Killua, Saitama pointing at them 1
Top 10 Most Broken Anime Powers

There are some anime characters that are so powerful that they are completely broken. Here are our top 10.

Final Fantasy 16 Shop Locations 1
Final Fantasy 16: All Shop Locations

This guide breaks down every Vendor located in Final Fantasy 16.

The Witcher 3, Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, Stardew Valley romance 1
10 Best Romance Games, Ranked

If you are looking for a great Romance Game, look no further.

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