With the Isekai genre reaching peak popularity using its predictable formula of transporting ordinary humans to fantastical realms, the emergence of reverse Isekai anime comes as a refreshing twist. Over the past decade, Isekai anime has dominated the industry with popular titles, such as SAO, or Overlord, solidifying the subgenre's position.

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The allure of starting anew in a fantasy world has captivated audiences, offering opportunities for unique settings. While the concept of humans entering another world is common, the opposite scenario is relatively rare. Reverse Isekai introduces characters from other worlds to Earth, making for both dramatic and hilarious scenarios.


GATE: group photo of all the main characters

GATE is a unique entry to this list, as it blends both Isekai and reverse Isekai elements. As a gate suddenly appears in Tokyo, aliens start appearing around the world.

Humanity forms a special task force in order to lead the aliens back through the portal. The series has everything from magic battles to drama, politics, and comedy.

9 Laidbackers

Laidbackers: all four main characters looking through a window

Laidbackers is a delightful example of a reverse Isekai anime movie that takes a lighthearted approach to its premise. Set in modern-day Japan, ordinary college student Kumi moves to Kyoto in order to take over her late grandmother's candy store.

There, she meets three weird women and a dog claiming to be reincarnated heroes from another world. Their peaceful lives take an unexpected turn when a former demon king asks for their help in collecting scattered demon king fragments.

8 Gabriel Dropout

Gabriel still as an angel jumping down from the sky

Gabriel Dropout is a humorous slice-of-life reverse Isekai anime following the misadventures of the top angel Gabriel. As the angel descends from heaven to Earth, she becomes addicted to online gaming and loses her angelic demeanor.

As Gabriel lazes around and ignores her heavenly duties, her friends, including the demon Vigne, find themselves in amusing situations.

7 Uncle From Another World

Banner image for Uncle From Another World

Uncle From Another World follows the tale of an Isekai hero who returns to Earth after spending 17 years in a coma. Now, an old man, he strives to adapt to the modern world while amusing his nephew with epic tales of his adventure.

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The anime is a hilarious reverse Isekai parody, cleverly mocking the Isekai genre's tropes, archetypes, and protagonists. With its humor and unique premise, Uncle From Another World offers a refreshing and entertaining twist on the Isekai formula.

6 Fate Series

Saber from Fate:Stay Night

The Fate series is an epic anime and gaming franchise known for its rich lore, intriguing characters, and cool battles. The anime explores the Holy Grail War, a deadly competition where mages summon heroic spirits to fight for them.

Spanning multiple anime series, movies, and spin-offs, the franchise boasts a diverse array of characters being summoned to Earth. Some of the series are more action-focused, while others are more of a cozy slice-of-life type.

5 Restaurant To Another World

Kuro and Aletta from Restaurant to Another World smiling together

Restaurant to Another World is a cozy slice-of-life anime that serves up a heartwarming blend of fantasy and food. The story centers around a seemingly ordinary restaurant that transforms into a getaway to otherworldly realms every Saturday.

Creatures from different dimensions visit the eatery to savor its delectable dishes. The anime's main focus is to showcase the universal love for food and the joy of sharing meals with others.

4 Re: Creators

Altair (Re Creators) with blue hair and military uniform

If you have ever wondered how fictional characters would react if they crossed over into the real world, Re: Creators is the anime for you. When Sota Mizushino, an ordinary high school student, witnesses characters from various works of fiction coming to life, he allies with them to confront the enigmatic Creator responsible for this occurrence.

Exploring the complex relationship between creators and their creations, the anime delves deep into the power of storytelling and the intertwining of fantasy with reality.

3 Hinamatsuri

Hina and Nitta dancing in the middle of the night

HInamatsuri is a delightful and majorly underrated series that offers a seamless blend of comedy, sci-fi, and slice-of-life elements. The story starts with Nitta, a young yakuza member, meeting Hina, a mysterious alien girl possessing telekinetic powers.

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As Hina's unexpected presence disrupts Nitta's life, their heartwarming and hilarious journey begins. Whether it's witnessing Hina's otherworldly antics or the genuine bonds forming between the characters, the anime never fails to leave a lasting impression.

2 Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maids

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid featuring Tohru, Kobayashi, and Lucoa

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maids is a heartwarming and comedic anime that follows the life of Kobayashi, an ordinary office worker, and her unexpected encounter with the dragon Tohru.

Following a set of events, Tohru ends up transforming into Kobayashi's maid. As she integrates into human society, she brings along other dragons, each with their own quirks and personalities.

1 The Devil Is A Part-Timer

The Devil Is a Part-Timer! Demon Lord Sadao Maou greets Emi Yusa

The Devil is a Part-Timer is an anime that introduces some of the most liked anime characters, but some of the most hated as well. The story follows Satan, the demon lord, who finds himself stranded in modern-day Tokyo and must adapt to life as a part-time fast-food employee to survive.

The anime offers a comedic twist to the Isekai genre and successfully blends humor, action, and character development. There's nothing better than watching the devil struggle with everyday mundane tasks.

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