• Devolver Digital announces a livestreamed showcase called Devolver Delayed, where they will reveal which of their upcoming games are being delayed into 2024.
  • The showcase will only be three minutes long, adding to the ridiculousness of the situation and reflecting Devolver Digital's satirical approach.
  • Highly anticipated games such as Plucky Squire and Skate Story may be delayed, as they currently have vague release windows in 202
  • Devolver Digital is mocking the delay-filled gaming industry.

Devolver Digital, a well-respected publisher of indie and middle-market games, is known for its over the top, satirical, and often rather disturbing presentations, and in its usual fashion, it has announced a livestreamed showcase called Devolver Delayed, in which it will reveal which of its upcoming games are being delayed into 2024.

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As seen below, the stream will take place on August 7 and will begin at 8AM PT (11AM ET). Soon after the announcement, Twitter user Wario64 claims that the showcase will only be three minutes long, and this has seemingly been confirmed by Devolver, with its reply to Wario 64 reading simply, "Spoilers."

Announcing a showcase three days ahead of time, and livestreaming it, for it to only be three minutes long certainly adds to the ridiculousness of the situation, which is surely what Devolver Digital is going for. Indeed, don't expect any major updates to Devolver's upcoming games with such a short timeframe, though we may at least get some more specific release dates and windows.

When it comes to what games will likely be delayed, the highly anticipated Plucky Squire, a game about a children's book hero that can traverse out of the pages of his book into the child's bedroom, has had a 2023 release window for a long while without any tangible date in sight. Another Devolver-published game, Skate Story, is an ethereal-looking skating game that has also currently had a rather vague 2023 release window for some time, so that may be getting delayed as well.

Devolver Digital has mocked aspects of the gaming industry numerous times in the past, with its most recent 2023 showcase making fun of video game documentaries, gaming mascots, and AI development. This time, it is simply poking fun at the delay-filled industry by attempting to "celebrate" its own in-development titles.

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