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Jose is an experienced video game analyst and reviewer, who earned his chops producing long-form video essays about the industry, those getting him his first bit of online recognition. His thousands of hours into Smash didn't help him win any tournaments, but at least he knows what he's talking about when he writes about it.

Tekken 8 Newcomers Leak 1
Tekken 8 Newcomers May Have Leaked Months Ago

The leaks are aplenty, and they do seem to line up.

Devolver Delayed Showcase Delay Games 1
Devolver Digital Announces Showcase Purely To Delay Some Of Its Upcoming Games

Devolver Delayed will be streamed in just a few days.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, Skyward Sword, Tears of the Kingdom gameplay 1
A New Zelda Project Will Reportedly Be Announced Later This Year

Something is seemingly in the works, but the specifics are hazy.

Diablo 4 Season 1 Disappointing 1
Diablo 4 Players In Disbelief With Disappointing Season 1 Patch

Many are seriously considering dropping the game entirely.

Immortals of Aveum RPG mechanics are not needed 1
Did Immortals Of Aveum Really Need RPG Mechanics?

I got a feeling they'll be more of a hindrance than a help...

Skate Skins Leak 1
EA's Upcoming Skate Game Has A Bunch Of Skin Concepts Leak

The upcoming free-to-play title will undoubtedly be monetized with micro-transactions.

Pokemon Black And White Remake Leakers 1
Pokemon Leakers Are Cryptically Hinting At A Black & White Remake

Or maybe a spinoff? Or maybe a sequel? Who knows?

Star Wars Outlaws Not Like Starfield Freedom 1
Don't Expect Starfield-Level Freedom In Star Wars Outlaws

The game's space traversal will be much more contained.

Starcraft 3 In The Works 1
Minecraft Wiki Editors 1
Minecraft's Wiki Site Has Gotten So "Degraded" Its Editors Are Voting To Leave En Masse

The aggressive branding and ads have rubbed the editors the wrong way.

The Boys Warzone Crossover Superpowers 1
Warzone x The Boys Crossover Will Add Various Superpowers As Field Upgrades

As well as three The Boys-themed Operator skins.

Xbox Game Pass games Need for Speed Unbound and Sea of Thieves gameplay 1
If 'All Publishers Dislike Game Pass,' Why Do They Keep Putting Their Games On It?

Jim Ryan’s recent quote was certainly a headscratcher.

bioware sonic rpg 1
Why Bioware's Sonic RPG Sequel Never Got Made

The game's story had already been plotted out.

Persona 5 Voice Actor AI Cover 1
Persona 5 Voice Actor Deletes Twitter Account Following Backlash Over AI Cover Song

The dilemmas of AI are becoming more relevant by the day.

Diablo 4 Semi MMO Issues-1 1
Diablo 4 Is A Semi-MMO, But It Forgets The Most Important Part

If you're gonna go MMO, you can't forget the good bits.

A Plague Tale 3 Job Listings 1
Pokemon Sleep Records You 1
Pokemon's Sleep App Will Even Record You While You Sleep

Pokemon Sleep may have some weird kinks to it, but it does actually seem quite useful.

Pokemon Fusion Monstrosity 1
A Dedicated Pokemon Fan Is Fusing Every Single Gen 1 Pokemon To Create A Monstrosity

And there are still over a hundred Pokemon to go...

Diablo 4 Change Your HUD 1
Diablo 4: How To Change Your HUD

Diablo 4 doesn't give you many options when it comes to your HUD, but this guide will show you the choices you do have.

Diablo 4 Rats Better Loot 1
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