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In Honkai Star Rail, there are many ways to make your characters strong, but using rewards from completing caverns is by far one of the best options. Path of Jabbing Punch is one of these caverns, and you can unlock it during The Stars Are Cold Toys quest.

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If you want to get your hands on the cavern's rewards, look no further. In this guide, we'll tell you everything you need to know to beat Path of Jabbing Punch cavern and claim the prizes inside.

What Is Path Of Jabbing Punch Cavern?

Showcasing Path Of Jabbing Punch Cavern in Honkai

Path Of Jabbing Punch is another one of the cavern challenges where you have to beat some enemies to earn rewards. There is a special condition for this cavern that states lightning DMG dealt by allies increases by 75%.

Rewards For Path Of Jabbing Punch Cavern

Once you complete this cavern, you will get the following rewards:

  • Champion of Streetwise Boxing
  • Thief of Shooting Meteor
  • Credits
  • Trailblaze EXP

Enemies In Path Of Jabbing Punch Cavern

There are four types of enemies you will face in two waves. Here's what to expect:

  • Automaton Grizzly
  • Automaton Spider
  • Automaton Hound
  • Automaton Beetle

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Enemy Levels In Path Of Jabbing Punch Cavern

The enemies will have different levels based on the difficulty you choose. We recommend not straying too far above your current party's level as it can make completing the cavern nearly impossible. Here is a table breaking that down with the required equilibrium level for each difficulty.

Difficulty (Required Equilibrium Level)

Enemy Level

I (1)

Lv. 38

II (2)

Lv. 47

III (3)

Lv. 57

IV (4)

Lv. 66

V (5)

Lv. 75

VI (6)

Lv. 82

How To Beat Path Of Jabbing Punch Cavern

Defeating Automaton Spider in Path of Jabbing Punch Cavern in Honkai

Like other caverns, it's best to use the recommended team setup to complete Path Of Jabbing Punch. You should aim for characters with lighting, fire, and ice elements. These elements will work great against the enemies in this cavern, and make a big difference in how challenging it is to complete it.

Once you start the challenge, try to defeat the Automaton Spider first. This will cause an explosion that will damage its nearby enemies and give you a slight advantage. After that, you can start killing other enemies to complete this challenge and claim the rewards.

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