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The Flux Construct 3 is one of the hardest mini-bosses in Tears of the Kingdom. Made out of floating Zonai cubes that shift and turn, defeating this powerful Construct requires some very specific strategies.

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In Tears of the Kingdom, Flux Constructs' names also reflect their difficulty levels. Flux Construct 1 is easier to defeat than Flux Construct 2, which is weaker still than Flux Construct 3. Players can find Flux Construct 3 in the Sky Islands and in the Depths, roaming around in a set pattern, waiting for the unsuspecting adventurer to encounter it by chance.

Updated by Hamza Haq on August 1, 2023: The Flux Construct 3 is an easy boss to fight if you're familiar with its moveset and anticipate its attacks. Once you defeat it once, battling it the second time feels like a walk in the park. New links have been added to bring the article up to date with the latest available information.

Flux Construct 3's Weakness

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All Flux Constructs can only be damaged in one way: by targeting the weak spot, and the Flux Construct 3 is no different. These Constructs are made out of multiple Zonai cubes stacked together. However, one of the cubes is different from all the rest, having eye-like red markings on it. The cube with the markings is the Construct’s weakness, and the only way to defeat it is by targeting this cube. There are two ways to target the weak spot: Ultrahand and arrows.

Link attacking a Flux Construct 3 weakspot totk

The Flux Construct 3 has three different phases that it switches between. Each phase requires a different strategy. Prepare at least one strong melee pristine weapon for the fight ahead and read up on our combat guide if you're unsure about the basics.

Phase 1: Robot

Link fighting a flux construct III in robot form totk

The basic form of Flux Construct 3 is the Robot Form, which has a vaguely humanoid shape. Flux Construct 3's attack patterns in this form are fairly simple.

It has three main attacks:

  • Overhead Smash: The Flux Construct slams one of its hands on the ground, dealing massive damage. This attack is quite slow and telegraphed. Players can easily move out of the way if they're looking for it.
  • Teleport Slam: If the player runs far away from the Robot Form, the Flux Construct will deform and then reform near Link and slam both of its hands on the ground. The easiest way to dodge is to move between the legs of the Construct instead of trying to run away from the enemy.
  • Stomping Tantrum: The Flux Construct stomps its feet down six to seven times, chasing after Link and dealing damage in an AoE around its feet. This happens if you're constantly hugging its feet to dodge its other attacks. Move out of the impact area to avoid taking damage.

The first order of business is to identify the weak spot. It is one of the two cubes that are rapidly shifting places. Once you’ve located it, target it with Ultrahand and shake it loose or shoot it with an arrow.

The Flux Contruct will get stunned for about 15 seconds. Take out your strongest melee weapon and get in as many hits as possible. When the stun duration is over, the Construct will enter phase 2.

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Phase 2: Cube

Link fighting a flux construct III in cube form totk

In Phase 2, the Flux Construct will transform into a large cube made out of all the cubes stacked together. The cube has two attacks: one is a rotating, slow-moving attack, and the other is a slam attack where the cube rises into the air and slams down hard. Both attacks can be avoided by running away.

  • Cube Smash: The Cube rises in the air and slams down on the ground where the player is standing. Dodging this attack is fairly easy, as all you need to do is run out of range. Keep in mind that the cube will repeat this attack multiple times, so keep an eye on your stamina wheel.
  • Rolling Death: The Cube turns on its axis, rotating towards the player at a deceptively quick pace. This attack deals quite a bit of damage, so keep a Stamina Elixir handy for this phase, as you'll have to outrun this attack when it happens.

The weak spot is located on one side of the cube. As the cube charges towards you, wait for the weak spot to appear in your line of sight. As soon as it does, target it with Ultrahand and shake it or fire an arrow. Do as much damage as possible with your strongest weapon, and get ready for the third phase.

Phase 3: Floating Platform

Link fighting a flux construct III in floating platform form totk

Now, the Construct will transform into a floating platform that rises in the air. The weak cube is stationed at the top of the platform, not giving you a clear line of sight, making this phase the trickiest. Again, the platform also has two methods of attacking Link:

  • Cube Throw: The platform sends down 5 cubes, pauses for a second, then sends them hurtling towards Link. You can either move between the gaps or dodge sideways. There is no way to outrun the attack itself, as the cubes are too fast.
  • Staggered Cube Throw: The platform sends down 5 cubes again, but this time throws them at Link one at a time. This attack is easier to dodge as the targeting of individual cubes is not the best. As long as you're in motion, you should be fine.

To reach the weak spot, wait for the floating platform to shoot out cubes. As soon as it does, target one of the fallen cubes and use Recall on it. Climb on top of it before it starts moving backward so you can reach the floating platform with it. If you can't qutie reach the platform using Recall, use Ascend underneath the platform to reach it. Once you're there, start hitting the weak spot until the Flux Construct 3 is defeated.

In some Flux Construct 3 fights, you'll find Zonai devices in the field that can give you some elevation, like springs. Use these devices if you see them as an alternate method of gaining enough height to reach the top of the platform. You can also fuse them to your shield to get elevation that way.

If Flux Construct 3’s health bar is not depleted after phase 3, it will randomly start switching between phases. Keep the strategies you need for each phase in mind, and you will beat them eventually.

After you beat the Flux Construct 3, it will drop a bunch of Zonai device capsules, Zonai charges, and a Flux Core 3. Like the Stone Talus Heart and Silver Lynel Horns, the Flux Core is an incredible fusion material that can drastically improve the power of any weapon it is attached to. Make sure to fuse it with a weapon with it before leaving, or it will despawn.

Flux Core III Pounder in inventory totk

All Flux Construct 3 Locations

Flux Construct 3 mini-bosses are spread out in the Depths and the Sky Archipelagos. There are a total of 15 Flux Construct 3s in the game, 8 in the Depths, and 7 in the Sky Islands.

If you're looking to farm these constructs for some easy Zonai charges and weapon fusion materials, the Necluda Sky Archipelago, specifically the area around Kumamayn Shrine, is the ideal farming spot. You can access this region once you unlock the Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower. There is also an old map nearby, if you’re in the mood for some treasure hunting.

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