Baldur's Gate 3 is a story-driven, non-linear game in which players can make and play characters using the D&D 5e system. However, it feels very much like a AAA video game when you play, with breathtaking cinematics and narrative joy. Along with the struggle against the Mindflayers' corruption, players will have the option to romance their companions.

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Shadowheart, the resident Cleric Companion, is one of the best Romance options in the game. While cagey and reserved, nimble players can expect her to open up with a compelling story and some steamy scenes. Keep reading for everything you need to know about recruiting and romancing the Daughter of Darkness.

Where To Find ShadowHeart

Baldur's Gate 3

Shadowheart is one of the first people you rescue, found inside a pod aboard the Mindflayer ship. You'll need to free her, then find her again after the crash passed out on the ground. Once you've found her, you can choose either dialogue option to wake her up and get her to join. However, touching the artifact she carries will upset her, so shake her awake instead to maintain her good opinion of you.

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Raising Your Approval With Shadowheart

Baldur's Gate 3 Shadowheart Camp Wear

Shadowheart is a secretive but innately good character. She prefers decisions that help those in need while avoiding the worshipers and paraphernalia of Selune. When speaking with her, respect her privacy and choose to react with an open mind to anything she tells you about herself.

Some decisions where you'll have an opportunity to raise the Trickster Cleric's approval include:

  • Showing distrust toward Raphael
  • Siding with the Druids over the Goblins
  • Helping the Gnome on the Windmill
  • Deciding not to open the Glowing Chest in the Owlbear Cave

Once you've moved her opinion of you into the Green, she will respond to flirtatious dialogue with you positively. However, Shadowheart is very reserved and does not initiate romantic scenes herself.

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How To Begin Shadowheart's Romance Quest Line

The Camp During A Long Rest

To begin the Romance Quest Line with Shadow, you'll need to tell her you want to connect with her. This can be done at camp once her opinion of you is high enough. This will prompt her to suggest a midnight rendezvous, which will occur a couple of nights after the conversation. The exact time can vary depending on what other cutscenes get triggered.

After this initial scene, you'll continue getting new prompts when speaking to her, but you'll always need to make the first move. She does not initiate scenes, even when your approval is maxed out.

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